STF MusicFest 2019

High Quality Local Talent – Big Concert Experience

Stephenville MusicFest is proud to announce that MusicFest 2019 will take place August 3rd at the Stephenville Dome.

MPH will start the show at 8 pm with a great mixed of songs to get the party seated.

We are proud to welcome Newfound Frequency to the lineup as our 2nd act. Newfound Frequency is an amazing band that plays favorites from the 70s and 80s. You can check them out around the West Coast and will agree this is an excellent band with great stage presence. Welcome.

Claude’s Friggin’ Big Band is our third act. The talent of the Friggin’ Big Band is undeniable and the Tower of Power on Horns makes them a truly must see every year.

The show will close with the Mixed Tapes. Our reaction from last year was WOW! Big concert experience, big sound, great musicians. Every song a classic you love.



Curated & Operated by the Stephenville Theatre Festival

MusicFest, a great Stephenville tradition, originally ran from 1985–1999 as a three-day outdoor event showcasing the musical talent of the West Coast of Newfoundland and sometimes beyond. In 2017, MusicFest was successfully restarted by a small committee that engaged the Stephenville Theatre Festival as a partner in the production. In 2018, STF took sole responsibility of MusicFest incorporating it into our season programming. MusicFest has and will again feature a mix of contemporary music, classic rock, traditional music and country.

MusicFest offers STF the opportunity to provide further local employment for artists, production staff, trades people, facility employees, and local vendors.