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Past Seasons

Over more than four decades, hundreds of people have contributed to the success of STF. This page offers a glimpse into the past, with some honorable mentions, details about productions from each season, and even a few pictures.

(I Always Wanted To Be A) Back Up Singer too1995Coming Soon
(I Always Wanted To Be A) Back Up Singer too1996Coming Soon
18 Wheels2006Coming Soon
19491989Coming Soon
2019 STF Gala – The Heroes and Villains of Broadway2019, Special Presentation View Description
30 for 602000Coming Soon
5 Stages Does the Country2019, Special Presentation View Description
9 to 5 – The Musical2022 View Description
A Chorus Line1993Coming Soon
A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline1993Coming Soon
A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline1994Coming Soon
A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline2016Coming Soon
A Gros Morne Musical Journey2002Coming Soon
A Method to My Madness2002Coming Soon
A Midsummer Night’s Dream2005Coming Soon
A Newfoundland Songbook1984, 1997, 2013Coming Soon
A Night in the Cabaret1994Coming Soon
A Night With a Lady1986Coming Soon
A Night with Carolyn Hetheringtion – Cabaret1990Coming Soon
A Night with Carroll Godsman – Cabaret1990Coming Soon
A Night with Cliff Le Jeune – Cabaret1988Coming Soon
A Night with Cliff Le Jeune – Cabaret1990Coming Soon
A Night with Gwen And Shawn – Cabaret1990Coming Soon
A Night With Jacinta – Cabaret1988Coming Soon
A Night With Jerry Doyle, John Cameron,1989Coming Soon
A Night with Joey Smallwood1992Coming Soon
A Night with Marguerite McNeil – Cabaret1990Coming Soon
A Night with Mary Kelly – Cabaret1990Coming Soon
A Night With…1995, 1996, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011Coming Soon
A Night With… – Cabaret1987Coming Soon
A Night With…Dave Panting2014Coming Soon
A Night With…Pamela Morgan2014Coming Soon
A Night With…Tanglecove2015Coming Soon
A Night With…Tara Manuel2014Coming Soon
A Night With…The Dunphy Brothers2014Coming Soon
A Night With…The Dunphy Brothers2015Coming Soon
A Rope Against the Sun1988Coming Soon
A Rose for Dorothy – Cabaret1990Coming Soon
A Sculpin Named Sam2002, 2008, 2010Coming Soon
A Woman Alone – Cabaret1994Coming Soon
A Wonderful Fine Day in the Life of a Sculpin Named Sam2001Coming Soon
ABBA, The Music2001Coming Soon
Abba, The Music2006Coming Soon
Ain’t Misbehavin’1986Coming Soon
Albertine in Five Times – Cabaret1990Coming Soon
Alice in Wonderland2019 View Description
American Idiot2019 View Description
Amy – Cabaret1994Coming Soon
An Evening With Cindy O’Neill2017Coming Soon
An Evening with Trent Mcclellan2017Coming Soon
An Evening With…2012Coming Soon
An Evening With… The Dunphy Brothers2016Coming Soon
An Oscar Wilde Celebration2000Coming Soon
Annie Get Your Gun2003Coming Soon
Are You Lonesome Tonight1997Coming Soon
As Loved Our Fathers1999Coming Soon
Avenue Q2018Coming Soon
Baby2002Coming Soon
Back in ’592015 View Description
Backup Singer lll – Backup Goes Dancing1997Coming Soon
Beatlemania is Alive and Well and Living in Stephenville2000Coming Soon
Belanger Memorial School2004Coming Soon
Bentley sings Brecht: Eric Bentley in Cabaret1988Coming Soon
Berlin to Broadway1985Coming Soon
Best of Blues1999Coming Soon
Between Breaths: An Evening With… Artistic Fraud2016Coming Soon
Billy Bishop Goes to War – Cabaret1996Coming Soon
Bittergirl – the Musical2019 View Description
Blood Brothers2001Coming Soon
Blood Red Ochre – Cabaret1991Coming Soon
Blue Champagne2016 View Description
Blues in the Night – Cabaret1994Coming Soon
Blues Night2001Coming Soon
Brave New Works1995Coming Soon
British Invasion2011Coming Soon
British Invasion: America Strikes Back2013Coming Soon
Brothers in Harmony2004Coming Soon
Cabaret – Doug Johnson1994Coming Soon
Cabaret Series2013Coming Soon
Cabaret Tonight1983Coming Soon
California Dreamin’2009Coming Soon
Canada Rocks2012Coming Soon
CanCon Opry2007Coming Soon
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof1991Coming Soon
Catherine McKinnon in Cabaret1988Coming Soon
Catlover1993Coming Soon
Cherry Docs2003Coming Soon
Chicago1991Coming Soon
Chicago2005Coming Soon
Cinderella ( A Rat-ical Retelling)2017Coming Soon
Coffee House2000Coming Soon
Cold Storage1989Coming Soon
Communities in Schools Youth Arts/Artistic Blends2002Coming Soon
Country Jubilee2013Coming Soon
Country Roadhouse2009Coming Soon
Country Roadhouse II2010Coming Soon
Creedance Clearwater Revisited2009Coming Soon
Culture Shock – The Musical2009Coming Soon
Cyrano De Bergerac1983Coming Soon
Dads in Bondage – Cabaret1995Coming Soon
Dancin’ in the Street2007Coming Soon
Deathtrap1992Coming Soon
Democracy: One Whole Day Beside a Pond…1992Coming Soon
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels2016 View Description
Disenchanted2022 View Description
Dracula1996Coming Soon
Ed and Ed Trapped (visiting production)2001Coming Soon
Encore Cabaret1994Coming Soon
Estacy in Cabaret1994Coming Soon
Evita1986Coming Soon
Fisherman’s Boy2009Coming Soon
Five Stages “Da Change”2018Coming Soon
Florence2008Coming Soon
For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again2017Coming Soon
Forever Plaid2001Coming Soon
Fringe Festivities2001Coming Soon
Frogs Legs and Boloney1989Coming Soon
Gala2000Coming Soon
Gala Performance1994, 1995Coming Soon
Gala Performance – Stones (Neil Diamond)2002Coming Soon
Gala: 35 Years of Memories2013Coming Soon
Gala: A Night With Cohen2001Coming Soon
Gala: Aspects of Andrew Lloyd Webber2006Coming Soon
Gala: Broadway Black ‘n’ White2007Coming Soon
Gala: Guys and Dolls2010Coming Soon
Gala: One night only – The Only Living Father –1992Coming Soon
Gala: Some Enchanted Evening2009Coming Soon
Gala: The Impossible Dream2008Coming Soon
Galileo1983Coming Soon
Garth Brooks with Friends2000Coming Soon
Gilpin Gala1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1993Coming Soon
Gilpin Gala – Cabaret1988, 1989, 1990Coming Soon
Girl Talk – Cabaret1988Coming Soon
God of Carnage2011Coming Soon
Godspell1985Coming Soon
Grease!1998Coming Soon
Grease!2007Coming Soon
Guys and Dolls1984Coming Soon
Hair2000Coming Soon
Hamlet1980Coming Soon
Hank Williams: His Life and Times – Cabaret1998Coming Soon
Headin’ West2011Coming Soon
Heave Away2007, 2008Coming Soon
Her Steamboat Goes to Hell – Cabaret1994Coming Soon
Here and Now – Cabaret1988Coming Soon
Hit Country2012Coming Soon
I Do! I Do!1986Coming Soon
I’ll Be Back Before Midnight2006Coming Soon
Idyll Gossip – Cabaret1993Coming Soon
If You Could Wear My Sneakers2011Coming Soon
In the Belly of the Lupercal1987Coming Soon
Invitation to the Dance1979 View Description
Irish Connection with Bernie Stapleton – Cabaret1988Coming Soon
Island in the Sky2012Coming Soon
Island Woman – Cabaret1990Coming Soon
Jack and the Beanstalk2003Coming Soon
Jack Meets the Cat2014Coming Soon
Jacques Brel Is…1980Coming Soon
Jeremy Bennett: Perfect Illusion: A Magic Show2004Coming Soon
Jesus Christ Superstar1982, 1983Coming Soon
Jewel2013Coming Soon
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat1983Coming Soon
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat1984Coming Soon
Journeys1987Coming Soon
Judge Prowse Presiding – Cabaret1994Coming Soon
Julia Moore – Songs I Likes To Sing2005Coming Soon
Kids on Broadway1994Coming Soon
La Sagouine1995Coming Soon
Last of the Red Hot Lovers2009Coming Soon
Legacy: Country Legends2017Coming Soon
Lend Me a Tenor1998Coming Soon
Les Belles Souers1983Coming Soon
Let it Be: the Life and Music of the Beatles2019, Special Presentation View Description
Lig & Bittle2012Coming Soon
Little Shop of Horrors1990Coming Soon
Little Shop of Horrors1990, 2010Coming Soon
Lonestar2008Coming Soon
Looking2015Coming Soon
Love Letters – Cabaret1994Coming Soon
Macbeth1979Coming Soon
Maggie and Pierre1995Coming Soon
Makin’ Time With The Yanks1997Coming Soon
Mallory Johnson2018Coming Soon
Mama’s Country Record Collection2015Coming Soon
Man of La Mancha1983Coming Soon
Man of La Mancha1985Coming Soon
Marlene Dietrich, The Blue Angel2001Coming Soon
Marty Burt – Mad Dog Racing2005Coming Soon
Mary’s Wedding2012Coming Soon
Maxim’s Dream2018Coming Soon
Memoir1983Coming Soon
Miquelon Culture Patrimoine2004Coming Soon
Monty Python’s Spamalot2015 View Description
More Munsch2001Coming Soon
Motown1998Coming Soon
Muncha Buncha Munsch2006Coming Soon
Munsch ‘n’ Music2007Coming Soon
Murder in the Cathedral1997Coming Soon
Murder in the Cathedral – Church1995Coming Soon
Murmel, Murmel, Mortimer, Munsch2000Coming Soon
Music From Home2014Coming Soon
My Heart in the Highlands – Cabaret1994Coming Soon
My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra2004Coming Soon
Neverland2022 View Description
Newfoundland Herald ’821982Coming Soon
Newfoundland Songbook – Cabaret1990Coming Soon
Nights With2005Coming Soon
Noises Off2005Coming Soon
Now Extinct1997Coming Soon
Nunsense1989Coming Soon
Nunsense1992Coming Soon
Nunsense2008Coming Soon
Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii1985Coming Soon
Observe the Sons of Ulster – Marching Towards1990Coming Soon
Oh Coward!1981Coming Soon
Oliver!1981Coming Soon
One Night Stands – Cabaret2010Coming Soon
One Night Stands – Cabaret2009, 2010Coming Soon
Our Town1980Coming Soon
Out from Here2001Coming Soon
Perfect Wedding2016 View Description
Piano Man2018Coming Soon
Plaza Suite – Cabaret1996Coming Soon
Proof2010Coming Soon
Provincial Drama Academy Production1986Coming Soon
Provincial Drama Academy Production1985Coming Soon
Rave On!2006Coming Soon
Ready to Run: The Dixie Chicks2004Coming Soon
Red Riding Hood2018Coming Soon
Reflections – Cliff Le Jeune – Cabaret1992Coming Soon
Refuge of the Roads (Joni Mitchell) – Cabaret1992Coming Soon
Rick Walsh & Cabaret1994Coming Soon
Ring of Fire2005Coming Soon
Rock ‘N’ Fables2016 View Description
Rocketman2017Coming Soon
Rosa’s Cantina2002Coming Soon
Roy Orbison – A Legend in his Time1996Coming Soon
Rumors1999Coming Soon
Saints & Sinners2005Coming Soon
Salt Water Moon1999Coming Soon
Salt Water Moon – Cabaret1987Coming Soon
Second Stage/Cabaret – Carroll Goosman & Doug Johnson1991Coming Soon
Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘N’ Roll – Cabaret1994Coming Soon
Shakespeare’s Will2018Coming Soon
Shakespeare’s Woman2000Coming Soon
Shaking the Foundations – Cabaret1991Coming Soon
Shawn Doyle – Cabaret1989Coming Soon
Silver Night Gala This Night has 25 Years2003Coming Soon
Sincerely, A Friend1991Coming Soon
Sincerely, A Friend2003Coming Soon
Sincerely, A Friend – Cabaret1990Coming Soon
Soldier’s Heart2007Coming Soon
Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me1996Coming Soon
Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me1997Coming Soon
Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me – Cabaret1998Coming Soon
Sometimes We Die1982Coming Soon
Sondheim1984Coming Soon
Songs for a New World2011Coming Soon
Special Attactions1992Coming Soon
Special Attractions1993Coming Soon
Special Attractions1988Coming Soon
Special Attractions1988Coming Soon
Special Attractions1989Coming Soon
Special Attractions1989, 1991Coming Soon
Special Attractions1991Coming Soon
Special Attractions1994Coming Soon
Special Attractions1994Coming Soon
Special Attractions1985Coming Soon
Special Attractions: Titus, Dance for Gods, Agnes of God1984Coming Soon
Special Guest: Gordon Pinsent1994Coming Soon
Staircase2010Coming Soon
Step Dance1989Coming Soon
Stephenville Encore1988Coming Soon
Stephenville Story2002Coming Soon
Stephenville Theatre Festival Gala1998Coming Soon
STF at Clancy’s2018Coming Soon
STF MusicFest 20192019, Special Presentation View Description
Still Crazy After All These Years2005Coming Soon
Stones in His Pocket2005Coming Soon
Stop the World1987Coming Soon
Sweet Dreams2008Coming Soon
Swing ‘n’ Jive1999Coming Soon
Tales from Pigeon Inlet1981Coming Soon
Tales of Ti-Jean2015Coming Soon
Tanya Alexander – Ladies of Jazz2005Coming Soon
Tempting Providence2002Coming Soon
Tennessee and Me1982Coming Soon
That’s What I Call Country!1999Coming Soon
That’s Why They Call It the Blues2002Coming Soon
The Belle of Amherst1987Coming Soon
The Best of Blues1997Coming Soon
The Best of the Blues – Cabaret1998Coming Soon
The Best of Thursday Night – Cabaret1993Coming Soon
The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged)2004Coming Soon
The Birthday Party2014Coming Soon
The Children’s Crusade1982Coming Soon
The Children’s Crusade1994Coming Soon
The Children’s Crusade – Outdoors1994Coming Soon
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare2003Coming Soon
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare2018Coming Soon
The Country Show2014Coming Soon
The Domino Heart2004Coming Soon
The Drawer Boy2002Coming Soon
The Dresser1986Coming Soon
The Ecstasy of Rita Joe1983Coming Soon
The Fire Inside: An Evening With… Jennifer Dawson Hobbs2016Coming Soon
The Foursome2000Coming Soon
The Gala1996, 1997, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017Coming Soon
The Gala: This Night has 26 Years2004Coming Soon
The Gallant Major – Cabaret1993Coming Soon
The Girls Back Home2019, Special Presentation View Description
The Good Doctor1985Coming Soon
The Grand Ole Opry2003Coming Soon
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Success2019, Special Presentation View Description
The Importance of Being Earnest1982Coming Soon
The Last Five Years2019 View Description
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby1988Coming Soon
The Man Who Came to Dinner1979Coming Soon
The Marvelous Wonderettes2017Coming Soon
The Miracle Worker1981Coming Soon
The Moon Shone Bright2002Coming Soon
The Newfoundland Herald1981Coming Soon
The Nobleman’s Wedding2014Coming Soon
The Outlaws2001Coming Soon
The Paper Bag Princess and Other Stories – Cabaret1998Coming Soon
The RCMP Celebrates 125 years – Cabaret1998Coming Soon
The Rez Sisters1995Coming Soon
The Rocky Horror Picture Show1988Coming Soon
The Secret Garden1996Coming Soon
The Seven Faces of Amy – Cabaret1983Coming Soon
The Somme1990Coming Soon
The Taming of the Shrew1981Coming Soon
The Tuckamore Club2009Coming Soon
The Ultimate Newfoundland Kitchen Party2019, Special Presentation View Description
The USO At Harmon – Cabaret1998Coming Soon
The Velveteen Rabbit2004Coming Soon
The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac2008Coming Soon
The Word is Love – Cabaret1991Coming Soon
Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador: Salt Water in My Socks2004Coming Soon
Therese’s Creed – Cabaret1994Coming Soon
To Ride in Triumph – Cabaret1988Coming Soon
Torch Song Trilogy1986Coming Soon
Touch of the White Man2000Coming Soon
Troupe d’lle2004Coming Soon
Twillick Harbour1985Coming Soon
Two Horse Tales2014Coming Soon
Unholy Trinity1986Coming Soon
Urinetown2017 View Description
Variations on a Nervous Breakdown2009Coming Soon
Viva La Rose: The Emile Benoit Story2004Coming Soon
Vive La Rose2008Coming Soon
Waiting for the Parade1984Coming Soon
We Will Rock You2018Coming Soon
West Side Story1990Coming Soon
Winnie the Pooh2002Coming Soon
Woman of Labrador1996Coming Soon
Woman of Labrador1999Coming Soon
Wonderbolt Circus2004Coming Soon
Woodstock2010Coming Soon
You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown – Cabaret1987Coming Soon
Young Triffie Been Made Away with2003Coming Soon